Attack vs Defence

Published on 30th April 2016 by

This drill is useful when you are training with the rest of your team. Making sure that you have a good relationship and understanding of your defenders is key to being a successful keeper. This drill can help towards this.

The basic drill
1) Set a goal (behind the white keeper) and two goals on the other side of the pitch
2) The aim is for the attackers (in black) to score against the defenders and the defenders to primarily defend but they are also allowed to try and counter the attackers
3) If the keeper gets the ball in his hand try to set off an attack into either of the two goals opposite with some good distribution

What is it helping?
The main trait you will be developing from this is the ability to communicate. Given the pitch is quite small you may improve your handling through saves you make so overall it is a good all round drill.

Make the drill harder
– Reducing the number of defenders in relation to attackers will mean that it is harder for the defenders given the man advantage as well as giving the keeper more to do.

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