Back to goal, turn and save

Published on 30th April 2016 by

This is an adaptation on the basic shot and save drill outlined in my other training write ups. For me it is better because it makes the drill more realistic which is what matters in football. You should be trying to train as you would play.

The basic drill
1) In this drill the keeper in red should have his back turned on the striker (in black) so that he is facing the net (the opposite way to how he is on the picture)
2) When the striker calls the keeper should turn and make the save
3) This is then repeated but making sure that the keeper is giving himself time to get into position.

What is it helping?
Because you have your back turned you are replicating a game where you do not have as much time to set yourself as you do if you just stand looking for the shot therefore it develops your reactions and reflexes. Making sure that the keeper always tries to catch the shot means that the keepers handling is improved

Make the drill harder
– Make the keeper lay down. Therefore he has to get up off the floor before making the save, making it harder. You should though, not make it impossible and give the keeper some chance to make the save

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