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This drill is perfect when in a group and having everyone together can increase the camaraderie of a group of goalkeepers. Given in a match you are often unsighted it is good practice for this.

The basic drill
1) Setting the keepers up in a line as shown in the graphic place yourself at least 10 metres in front of the first keeper
2) Kick the ball to either side of the keepers line and whilst doing so shout the number of the keeper you wish to make the save
3) It is then the keepers job to make the save
4) After the save is made there should be movement in the line so that no keeper is in the same spot every time. The person in blue who was 1 should go to the back of the line, to become 4, whilst each of the other keepers should move forward one place

What is it helping?
Given you are unsighted it allows you to improve your reactions of a more game realistic shot. Saving the shot will better your handling of the ball.

Make the drill harder
– Come closer to the line so that the keepers have less time to react
– Instead of the generic 1-4 mix the calls up so that the players have to think more before they go to catch the ball

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