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Klitch products are unique and mean that the task of shipping your dirty boots around after a muddy game on a weekend just got a whole lot easier. We talk to to the creators about their product.

When did Klitch start?
We started Klitch in 2013, shortly after we graduated college (Kevin & Liam). Instead of looking for jobs after the recession we stared our own company.

Why did you start Klitch?
We started the company after we realised our idea was in demand. We had made a couple of prototypes with a 3D printer and gave them to friends and family. Once we saw the interest we knew we had to protect our idea. It was at this point when we legitimised the company to protect our idea and also to make some money selling our product. We had no idea it would grow and take off the way it has.

What makes Klitch different from rivals?
We currently do not have direct rivals per-se. You could say shoe bags and shoe laces are our rivals but they do a very poor job at carrying extra shoes. We’ve tested shoes in bags and also laces tied to bags against our clip. We have found using our clip, shoes last longer (because they can air & dry out) and they can be “attached” in half the time it takes to tie & untie laces (and laces are often difficult to untie).

Where can we find Klitch and where do you ship to?
We just partnered with Amazon UK. So be sure to check us out and buy some clips on there. (URL: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00FORB3EQ). You can also find us in the USA on our website at footwearclip.com or theklitch.com. We ship and sell world-wide. We are in about 12 countries and about 3,000+ independent stores.

How do come up with the designs?
Trial and error! We went through many prototypes and designs. We knew what we wanted the product to do, so it was just a matter of execution and finding what features would make the product be functional and easy to use for everyone.

Thanks for your time today. It has been great to speak with you.

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