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Today we have the pleasure of interviewing, Italy based, GL Sport. They produce carbon fibre shin pads that are fully customisable.

When and why did GL Sport start?
Our company was born in 1966 as a Orthotic Company making orthopaedic devices. This is still the core business of our company. In 2009 we decided to transfer our know how of the orthotic field to protection gear. We were already using carbon fibre and graphic customisation was a passion, so we decided to register GL Sport Logo and start the adventure with the new brand.

What makes a GL Sport product different to other brands out there?
We use in our development process 3D technologies, from developing the moulds to the final product. All our moulds for the carbon fibre shinpads are made starting with a 3D scan or analysis of the human body.

In our factory we can produce special on-off measured carbon protection that is perfectly adapted to the athlete’s body.

Another great difference is that we can produce high specialist protection, carbon masks for example for injuries on the face, in only 3 hours, and using 3D technologies we can prepare them for anyone across the globe. Last week we shipped to Japan, Germany and Qatar.

With respect to boots we are inserting these into our store, we are focused on using the best materials, natural and synthetic leather. We still working on them, but after 2 years of developing, I think we are ready to launch them on line.

Another important point for us is that all our production is made in Italy, we produce everything inside our factory, and using only european materials. We don’t buy anything from China, Pakistan etc…

What tech and innovations have you packed into your product?
We use 3D technology in every part of developing our products… so we are focused on making the best products with best fitting too.

With regards to our service, we have improved since last year and offer assistance via whatsapp so users from every part of the world can contact us in a simple, free and fast mode.

Another strong innovation of ours is creating a product that is aesthetically pleasing. Our brand has been the first to create the configurator online that allows users to create their own graphic design. When other brands copied it, we updated it offering a 3D version.

Where can we find a GL Sport product and where do you ship to?
The best way is to find our store online , where you can find all our products.

Towards the end of the 2017/2018 season we’ll think about new way to make the GL brand more visible.

We ship every day to every part of the world, from Australia to Argentina and Canada etc..

How do you come up with the designs?
We have the graphic studio inside our factory, and we can create whatever you want! For some special works for example charity shinguards for Live Onlus that Bonucci and Morata use we cooperated with an an Italian Graphic Agency, called “Ragu Adv”. Users can send us sketches, photos or simply write an idea and we will prepare on demand. We can modify the product until you are perfectly satisfied.

What is your newest GL Sport product at the moment?
At the start of 2017 we will be releasing the new lines of soccer boots. The boots are produced in our factory in Italy, and all parts of it are made and sourced within Italy.

Have you got any pros wearing your products?
Yes many players in the world use our carbon fibre shinguards. Players like Verratti, Morata , Bonucci, Kessie, Donnarumma and many other players in all Leagues, not only in Europe but also in Emirates, America, etc…

Thanks for your time. It has been great speaking to you.

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