Goalkeeper one on one Drill

Published on 26th February 2017 by

Here is a Goalkeeper one on one drill to get you diving at the feet of the attacker. It can help with your awareness of angles, fitness and becoming ‘THE WALL.’

Honing this skill is a major plus as you can get into the head of the striker and put a big dint in their confidence.

Gear we used
– 7 BALLS (does not have to be 7 must be more than one)

Set Up
Set up 7 balls just outside the 18 yard box from one corner to the other.
Place the goalkeeper in the goal.
The attacker stands outside the 18 yard box.
If you don’t have a full size goal, you can use a smaller one but just bring the attacker a little closer.

The attackers aims is to try to score against the keeper as they try to stop them ‘simple’. When the attacker takes control of the ball, the drill is live and the keeper can move. The attacker must have two touches in the box before shooting. The ball is active until it is under the control of the keeper, in the back of the net or out of play. Once that ball is dead the attacker races to play another ball and the keeper must race back to the goal and touch the furthest post before setting themselves for the next ball. The drill is active until the last ball is dead. No resting between balls. The FASTER the BETTER.

Once active you must close the space between you and the ball, keeping in a straight line from the centre of the goal to the ball. The closer you are to the ball the less of the goal the attacker has to hit. As you move forward try to stay up and as big as possible for as long as you can. If you go down early then the attacker will pop it over you. Stay up and make them beat you. They might try an early shot. If so as soon as they set their standing leg to shoot that’s when you stop moving forward. You can’t push off properly if you have not stopped moving forward so you must set yourself ready for a shot.
Remember BIG and STRONG. That’s your ball go and get it.

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