How To Make High Diving Saves

Published on 11th November 2017 by

It’s the save that leaves the crowds gasping in awe and although it doesn’t happen often keepers always train to be ready for the big photogenic moments. The high dive save reaches up to the top bin and plucks the ball right from the jaws of the goal. There are several ways to get up to the top ninety and make that big save.

The most important step is getting to the shot in time and with enough power to safely guide the ball over the crossbar. To do this I recommend the two step shuffle to cover space and build momentum make sure that you’re getting low on that shuffle to build up the spring in your leg muscles and to step into the shot.

The more power you can put into your jump and dive the better chance you have to make the save remember to keep your body in a straight line with all your limbs moving together. Attack the ball with both hands and raise your opposite knee towards the direction of the ball.

Push through your dive always and always attack the ball! Focus landing on your lateral muscles if you don’t catch the ball and if you do catch the ball make sure to use it to break your fall.

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