Is a goalkeeper time wasting useful in football?

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With the ball going out of play and goalkeepers able to stop the game time wasting can and does happen regularly. This was prominent in West Brom’s recent match with Tottenham.

Eric Dier was not happy with the amount of added time given the large amount of time wasted he felt occurred by West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster. “If you were to go and watch the game again and just add up from the first minute the amount of time that was wasted from their goalkeeper, I think you’d find quite a big number.”

We take a look at the pros and cons and the usefulness of it to a team.

The pros

The first pro is that it runs the clock down. With the ball in a goalkeepers hand after a catch this may only be seconds rather than closer to a minute that is wasted. When the ball goes out of play though the keeper is able to really run the clock down.

What it also allows is the break up of play which means that the opposition team may lose momentum. When you are under the button, which you are likely to be if you are thinking of time wasting, this can be very helpful.

Lastly it can and does get the opposition team angry leading them to make decisions that they perhaps wouldn’t have done if they were under a calmer, clear mind.

The cons

Really the only negative point with respect to time wasting is when a referee starts to think that you are time wasting and the opposition and fans start to continually call for you to receive a yellow card. This could be an issue if you are already on a booking or if you are playing in the amateur ranks and can’t afford a £10 fine.

Time wasting when you are winning is the best however when you are on the receiving end it is probably the most frustrating thing ever. It does and will continue to happen. Just make sure, as a goalkeeper, that you do it very subtly.

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