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Kawin Thamsatchanan may not have been a name you had heard of at the start of the week however it’s amazing what social media does. Fast forward seven days and Kawin has millions of views across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Nicknamed “Flying Kawin” he has a fantastic CV representing his country on 62 occasions, something any professional footballer would dreams of. We had a chance to interview the man himself.

How did you start off as a goalkeeper?

At first, I kicked the ball like any other kid, but there was one day I played with a friend. And my friend shot the ball through my leg, but I turned back to save it. My friend told me that I should try to play as a goalkeeper, so I went back home to think about what the goalkeepers wear. As a result I put on a long sleeve shirt, football pants, socks, football shoes but I had no gloves. I went to the market to buy some motorbike gloves to try them on in front of the mirror to feel like a goalkeeper.

What is your favourite glove at the moment?


Your nickname is “Flying Kawin”. How did that come about?

Back in 2010 I went to the AFC Cup playing in the quarter finals against the Qatar team. Thailand has never beat a team from the Middle East but that day our team won the penalty and I saved them. The next day on the internet, there was a fan who named me “Flying Kawin”. From them on this name has become my nickname.

Do you have any rituals when you warm up?

I will always ask for blessings from my parents.

What did you learn from training with @moalifc?

I did some strange things that I have never done before. Like the last clip I jump in the sea and throw the ball to hit the cone on @moalifc’s head.

What is it like to represent your country?

Thailand has many beautiful attractions. Good weather and good people. If anyone has never been before, you should try it once. I want more people to know about Thailand and to know that Thailand has very skilled footballers.

Finally, any tips for those who want to make it as a goalkeeper?

1. Love and dare enough to play as a goalkeeper. It is an important position and you must be very responsible.
2. Must be committed and determined in practice and concentrate on playing as much as possible.
3. Must have a strong heart.

Thanks for your time Kawin. I wish you all the luck in the future.

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