How to save a penalty?

Published on 14th January 2018 by

It is the one occasion where a goalkeeper can be a true hero but how can you give yourself, as a goalkeeper, the best chance of saving the penalty.

Playing in a non-professional manner, as most people do, you can not look at the video of ‘Big Dave’s’ previous games so you have to look at other options. With football moving towards a more analysis driven game there is one way that you should perhaps give a go

Statistically the best way to save a penalty

As an initial caveat you will have to be extremely brave and confident to do this technique because as a goalkeeper even though there are three options, centre, right or left, you are expected to dive either side and ridiculed if you stay in the centre.

In data undertaken by the founder of Freakonomics it found that both goalies and kickers go left more than right and goalkeepers are least likely to stay down the middle.

Staying in the middle gives you the biggest payoff in terms of saving penalties.

If you do have a go at this technique and it does or doesn’t work then drop us a message on our social media channels. It would be great to find out how you got on.

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