Keepersport Varan5

Secure, Single finger protection, Durable palm, Stylish, Fantastic extras

The Keepersport Varan5 gloves are online goalkeeper shop KeeperSport’s own brand product. You can definitely tell that the amount of knowledge that the shop has acquired on what makes a good glove, from selling other products, has been transferred to their gloves.

The white palm is 4mm Super White Claw which provides a fantastic grip after I undertook my pre-wash. It did not have that initial stickiness that other gloves have but the durability of the palm I felt was better. I think on any glove this is a trade off.

The glove comes in a variety of different cuts which are obviously a choice of personal preference. It is good to have that choice. We had the negative cut that felt snug.

Finger Protection
The gloves I have tried before where they have had finger protection I have always removed it as I feel that catching the ball where it is a non-conventional situation is made a lot harder. The Varan5 has finger protection in the little finger only. At first I was sceptical however when I actually played with the gloves I forgot it was even there which for me is extremely important. What it does offer you is strength in the weakest part of your hand without hindering your performance. A smart move from keepersport.

The backhand is a silicon grip comfort area which allows for an fantastic punch. The design is also well thought out meaning that you have something that is both practical and stylish.

Unlike many gloves on the market the Varan5 is unique in offering a two-sided latex wrap on the thumb which acts to enlarge the surface area that is in contact with the ball. Given that the standard save is made using the generic ’W’ shape it makes it more likely that you will make the save and less likelihood of embarrassment.

Glove entry system
The entry into the glove is a newly designed, asymmetrical Safe’n Comfort Power Wrist slip-in system. What this means in lehmans terms is that it is relatively easy to get in. What is best is the large area that surrounds your wrist that means when you have the glove on it feels extremely secure. To make this glove even better I think a little pull tag to get the first glove on would be useful. I never really thought that these were useful but having a glove without one I can see it would be.

Overall I think that this is a fantastic glove and as I said in the introduction keepersport have definitely leveraged their experience in selling quality gloves to make a glove that embodies all of the strengths of other gloves. They have also thought outside of the box when it comes to the patterned back hand, glove entry system and thumb area.

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