One Glove Co Geo Blade

Innovative, Slick, New Cut, Affordable, Match Glove

Today we bring you the One Glove Co Geo Blade glove review. A fantastic glove with some new innovative features that you will not see on any other gloves across the market.

4mm all-weather Giga latex

In the OneGlove range this is a completely new cut. It is a combination of flat middle with flared roll finger outer fingers. A hybrid cut this gives you the best of both worlds. The grip holds true in all weathers.

MidSplit™ strap

The strap is really useful. Given that it is mid split it means that during the game you do not have to worry about adjusting the full strap which can be annoying. Instead you can make intricate movements to find the perfect fit.

Removable fingersave spines with velcro easy-access

We played with both the finger save spines in and out. This is very much personal preference but the spines are easily removed and put back in if you require. Should you use them and they break for some reason then One Glove provide a lifetime finger spine warranty which means your spines will be replaced for free.

Neoprene lining

The inner of the glove is extremely comfortable and feels extremely soft and does not cause any irritation on your hand.

Stunning 3D embossed backhand

The gloves look fantastic. For the first time ever when I brought them out of my bag outfielders complimented my gloves. Once in a blue moon event.

Internal non-slip silicone

This is perhaps favourite bit of the glove. Boots have recently been introducing the sock to keep you more secure in the boot and the internal non-slip silicone is the glove equivalent of this. It means that you do not have to worry about pushing the back of your glove before setting for a save.

You can grab a pair here. At £37.99 they are a great price for a glove that is easily worthy of being your got to gloves for those all important matches.

For an extra £4.95 you can also add your personalisation which is an added bonus most independent glove brands do not offer.

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