One Glove Geo 2.0 Aurora

Perfect fit, great embossed backhand, fantastic grip, rigid, training and game ready glove

The One Glove brand are the glove brand that just keeps on giving. Each glove is better than the next as the small independent brand learns and takes on its customers thoughts and turns that into a match ready glove worn and trusted by some of the best professional goalkeepers in the UK.


The 4mm black pro Contact latex palm on the glove looks great on the Aurora. It is the same latex used on most of the One Glove glove models and is a good, but durable latex.


MidSplit® strap means that in game adjustments can be done more discretely and you do not lose your full position in glove when you do decide to move your hand after a save for instance. You are also aided by the Speed Sleeve™ neoprene wrist entry system which means that slipping the gloves on and off is so easy.

Rest assured this does not compromise the fit which I was slightly apprehensive it would as you can fasten it with the strap to secure you in. There is an ever so slight feel of excess material just where your wrist is however this was easy to get used to and I feel it did not effect performance. It was more of a case of me not being used to it.

Glove Fit

Inside the glove is incredibly comfortable to wear. The neoprene lining does not suffocate you on hot days for which most of the testing has been done in. Although not thoroughly tested in the wet and cold it feels similiar to the other One Glove range of gloves that do not let you down.

The One Glove glove has a double-wrapped thumb which gives you a bigger surface area of sticky latex when catching the glove. This is so important these days with certain brands creating gloves that simply do not last.


This particular glove has an emerald colour way that looks great. The result is one of the best designed One Glove gloves to date. You can tell when it looks good when outfielders comment on your gloves.

The Pros

One Glove are really making their mark in the glove market. A once small independent they are now really making a name for themselves as a top quality brand. These glove is currently worn in all tiers of the Football League including the Premier League so making that purchase you will be in good company. The cost of the glove, particularly given that you could easily wear this as a match glove is extremely competitive.

Very soon, if not now, One Glove will compete with the likes of Reusch, Nike and Adidas. I can not wait to get my hands on the next evolvement and try the HyperLites.

If you want to grab a pair of these fantastic Aurora gloves you can do so on the One Glove website or in one of their several stockists across the globe; a list of which can be found on their website.

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