One Glove Geo Flux RF

Fitting, Grippy

One Glove are an impressive independent brand making fantastic in-roads in the goalkeeper glove market. They continue to impress in the new additions added to their stock. The Geo Flux RF is no different.

4mm Aqua wet-weather latex

The grip is fantastic especially in the wet weather as you would expect. In five games played there is one small chip in the latex on the right palm. In comparison to other brands, that is better than most gloves.

Roll Finger Cut

The roll finger cut is personally the best cut for us. It feels like you have the most surface area touching the ball when you catch the ball. Your hand also has a really tight fit within the glove but you still get a full range of movement for your hand.

Hassle-free removable finger spines

The finger spines are easily removable. With them though, you get full protection for your fingers. They are perhaps better for youngsters learning the proper technique of catching. Without them in there is still a stiffness to the glove. Should they break, One Glove offer a lifetime finger-spine warranty which means your spines will be replaced for free.

All new MidSplit™ strap

The Mid Split strap is a great addition. It saves you having to fully adjust your strap mid match. You have the ability to make smaller adjustments which means you can concentrate on the important things. Making saves.

Stunning 3D embossed backhand

The 3D embossed backhand is a yellow and green fade. It looks fantastic. The embossed backhand looks like it is made out of a stiff plastic material however it does not feel like that. The fantastic aesthetics of the glove do not effect the performance of the glove which is great.

A great addition would be to place the internal silicone like it does with the Geo Blade in this glove.

If you want to grab a pair you can do so by heading over to One Gloves website. The cost at £34.99 is a bargain for a glove that you would wear as a match glove.

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