One Glove Geo Typhoon

Great fit / colourway, fantastic grip, rigid

There is a myth surrounding non-white palms on goalkeeper gloves. The 4mm black pro Contact latex palm on the glove looks great on the Typhoon but more importantly is not worse than the fantastic grip you see on the One Glove GEO Blade and Flux.


MidSplit® strap means that in game adjustments can be done more discretely and you do not lose your full position in glove when you do decide to move your hand after a save for instance.

Glove Fit

Inside the glove is incredibly comfortable to wear. The neoprene lining does not suffocate you on hot days nor do your hands get extremely cold during cold, rainy days. The good old English weather, ever changing, allowed us to check that out.

Alberto Ruiz in his recent Nike strapless glove review described how, apart from the durability the thumb was a real issue on the glove. The One Glove glove has a double-wrapped thumb which gives you a bigger surface area of sticky latex when catching the glove.


As with the entire Geo range the 3D embossed backhand has people talking about it. This particular glove has an aqua green fade colour way that looks great. I also feel like it adds some rigidity so that if you decide to take the finger spines out then you are given some slight protection. If you do wish to keep the spines and for some reason they break then the lifetime finger-spine warranty will keep you sorted.

The Pros

One Glove are really making their mark in the glove market. A once small independent they are now really making a name for themselves as a top quality brand. These glove is currently worn in all tiers of the Football League including the Premier League so making that purchase you will be in good company.

If you want to grab a pair of these fantastic gloves you can do so on the One Glove website or in one of their several stockists across the globe; a list of which can be found on their website.

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