Thorne Goalkeeper Glove Review

New, Removable finger-protection, Grippy, Rigid, Great design

There was a lot of anticipation and hype surrounding Thorne Goalkeeper gloves since they first entered on to social media in 2016. Their mantra is ‘Performance is Our Main Criteria’ and this is certainly evident in their gloves.

Thorne have provided you with a range of colours to suit everyones needs. There is a whiteout and blackout should you want to go more old school. Or you can get a more colourful version in either blue or red. Whatever your preference Thorne have made sure that everyone is covered.

Don’t just take our word for it. There have already been some great reviews and happy customers.

In addition a couple of their models including the whiteout and blackout gloves have already sold out in sizes 9 and 10 so you better be quick in getting a pair.

It is a well-known fact that German latex is the best. Given Thorne’s mantra, as we highlighted earlier, one would expect nothing less. We have had the gloves on in both training and match situations and not only have they held up well, they have been of a high enough quality for us to trust pulling them on during a game.

Personally I like a glove that has some rigidity to it and is not extremely flimsy. In terms of comparisons Nike is a very flimsy type of glove although Adidas gloves tend to feel like they are offering more support. With a supersoft German latex backhand Thorne goalkeeper gloves have more of an Adidas feel to them rather than Nike. For me this makes a perfect glove. One possibility for an extra feature on future gloves could be a punch zone on the back.

Often saves, in a game, are made rather scruffily. You simply never get a save like you do in training no matter how hard you try to replicate it. The extended palm latex zone on the wrist allows the ball to be taken in, in such occasions.

There are certain areas of a glove that get more wear and tear than the rest. With a latex abrasion zone on the palm Thorne have again thought about the consumer. You don’t want to have to be changing your gloves every month. Although the pros are able to do this given their gloves are sponsored, the average Joe simply does not have the disposable income for this. The abrasion zone reduces the impact on the latex and increases the durability of the glove. A solid plus point for Thorne.

Getting the glove to fit is quite often helped by the strap. Where there is a double wrap strap, like Thorne have, then you have plenty of length to manoeuvre to get the best fit. I found the only issue was surrounding the strap and the extended palm latex zone on the wrist which was more of a logistic point rather than extremely important. On speaking to Thorne they have said that, on their next gloves this is an area that they are looking to improve. The fact that they are listening and taking advice from their customers is a huge plus point and shows that as a business they are serious.

Removable finger protection allows you to have the best of both worlds. Preferably I prefer it without and when you do so it was easily removed. Even without the finger protection the gloves did still feel rigid. We tested the gloves with the finger protection in and what you got was a high quality glove that protected your fingers whatever the shot.

A pet hate of ours are gloves without a rubber tab on the strap to reduce wear to latex. I think when done well the glove can still look sleek. It hugely aides the consumer. Thorne have made sure that the consumer is thought about with a tab to save your latex when putting the gloves on and off.

If you want to get a hold of a pair of these gloves then you can still benefit from a 20% discount on your first order.

A pair of the Thorne gloves is £49.99 but with the discount code this reduces the figure to £40. A good price for a high quality glove. Do not fear if you live abroad. Thorne offer worldwide shipping on their products. It is £5 within the U.K and £10 worldwide.

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